Senior Constable Glen Ayoub and Ribot.
Senior Constable Glen Ayoub and Ribot. Dave Noonan

Jail time for punching officer, dog

A MAN who punched a police officer and his police dog while trying to flee has been jailed.

Joash Jeremy James Claydon, 25, had broken into two Gowrie Mountain home late on Friday night but when a resident found him in her lounge room he had fled and police were called.

The police dog squad arrived and police dog "Ribot" soon tracked the offender, who was found lying face down in long grass, prosecutor Constable Vicki Kennedy-Grills told Toowoomba Magistrates Court.

Claydon got up and ran with policeman and dog in pursuit.

The dog eventually caught up and latched onto Claydon's leg but he punched the dog and threw it off him as the senior constable arrived and a struggle between the two men ensued, during which punches were exchanged, the court heard.

Arrested, Claydon was found with 4g of "green leafy material" suspected of being marijuana when processed at the watch house, Const Kennedy-Grills said.

Claydon, who had spent the ensuing four days in custody, pleaded guilty to both break-ins, stealing mobile phones from the dwellings, serious assault of the policeman and injuring a police dog.

His solicitor David Burns said his client had been hitch hiking west and stole property to trade for cash.

Telling Claydon that police officers were entitled to be protected when on duty, Magistrate Damian Carroll sentenced him to 12 months jail but ordered he be released on parole after four months, on October 16.