Janelle Saffin would win Page: Teachers’ union poll

LABOR would win the seat of Page, returning Janelle Saffin as federal member, according to the results of a poll conducted by the NSW Teachers Federation.

The Teachers Federation engaged market research company Reachtel to survey 641 members in Page and thousands more in five other electorates about whether they want the Turnbull government to fund the final two years of the Gonski education program.

Participants were asked six questions concerning Gonski, the upcoming federal budget, and how they would vote in the federal election, predicted for July 2.

The survey found 34.4% of people would give their first preference vote to the Nationals Kevin Hogan, while 30.5% would vote Labor, 17.5% would vote for The Greens and 8.8% were unsure who they would vote for.

Based on the answers, Labor would get 56% of the vote on a two-party preferred basis.

Of the respondents who were undecided, 39.3% said they were leaning toward a Labor vote, while 32.1% said they were leaning toward the Nationals.

When it came to the critical issue of Gonski, only 14.2% of people said they weren't aware of the needs based Gonski funding policy, and 11.5% of people said they opposed the policy.

Continuing with the Gonski policy by funding it in the upcoming federal budget was supported by 59.4% of people surveyed, including 82.1% of Labor voters, while only 32.7% of Nationals supporters wanted the policy continued.

If the Gonski policy was not included in the budget, 47.1% of people said it would not change the party they vote for, and 19.7% said they were more likely not to vote for the coalition in the election.

Education was a very important issue to 58.4% of people surveyed, and only 8.6% said it wasn't important.