Detective Inspector Jon Rouse said Rizner’s offences were among the worst he’d seen.
Detective Inspector Jon Rouse said Rizner’s offences were among the worst he’d seen.

‘I can’t tell her she was raped as a baby’

JASON Mizner's victim is now a teenage girl who does not know what the evil baby rapist did - but it has not stopped the nightmares.

The victim's mother can't bring herself to tell her daughter about Mizner's sickening crimes, but police say she is battling demons.

She can't explain why, and no one has been able to reveal the awful truth.

"The victim is seriously traumatised - she can't understand why she can't sleep at night, why she sees visions," said detective Sergeant Michael Froggatt, the former Gold Coast cop who pursued Mizner for 12 years.

"She's damaged and she doesn't know why. She has a lifetime of healing ahead of her."

Det-Sgt Froggatt said it was one of the most horrific cases he had dealt with in his 18-year police career.

He began investigating the case in 2005 the day after Mizner went to Thailand and the victim's mother arrived at Nerang police station with his depraved diaries detailing "how to target and kidnap children for child exploitation material" as well as pornographic images of her child.

Sgt Froggatt and his colleagues were forced to examine six separate videos containing hours of harrowing footage of Mizner raping the defenceless little girl.

"I had to watch and re-watch the vision in order to particularise the offences and that's a shocking and sickening memory that will stay with me forever," he said.

"I don't have children of my own but I have plenty of relatives and friends who do.


Jason Daron Mizner has been sentenced to 19 years’ jail
Jason Daron Mizner has been sentenced to 19 years’ jail


"Child sex offences are among the worst crimes we investigate … and I was pretty determined to follow this matter through for as long as it took to bring Mizner to justice."

Sgt Froggatt had to wait until January last year to get his man, hitting Mizner with 168 child sex charges after he was released from a Thai jail - having served 11 years of a 35-year sentence for paedophilia offences there - and deported to Australia.

Detective Inspector Jon Rouse, head of child abuse investigation unit's Taskforce Argos, said Mizner's offences were "horrendous".

"I've been with Argos for 18 years now and this is one of those top two or three cases that I won't forget," he said.

"We knew he'd been sentenced to 35 years jail in Thailand and I didn't anticipate him getting out during my career, but when he was released early, we certainly weren't going to miss the opportunity to make sure he was punished for what he did back here."

Insp Rouse, who also had to watch Mizner's rape videos, applauded the hefty sentence given to him yesterday, saying it was gratifying for police who had to investigate crimes against children.

"Hats off to the justice system for prevailing on this one," Insp Rouse said.

The victim's father also welcomed the sentence, saying Mizner's crimes had torn his family apart.

"Of course, I'd have preferred him never to be released from jail, ever," he said.