The Lockyer Valley District High School, at Gatton where Jayde's friends and fellow studetns have set up a memorial.
The Lockyer Valley District High School, at Gatton where Jayde's friends and fellow studetns have set up a memorial. Bev Lacey

A COMPENDIUM of artwork, lovingly crafted by aspiring artist Jayde Kendall propped up an enlarged photo of the slain schoolgirl.

School friends, teachers and parents, wearing purple in tribute to the 16-year-old, pinned heartbreaking messages of grief and sorrow at a memorial at her high school.

The messages of support will be sent to Jayde's family who has rallied together in support of each other.

Department of Education and Training Regional Director (Darling Downs South West) Greg Dickman said the death of the bright and mature young school student had rocked the community.

"The whole school community here in Gatton, and certainly in the Lockyer Valley, is very deeply saddened at the loss of Jayde Kendall," he said.


"It has been quite a traumatic couple of weeks for the family and indeed for the school.

"The school community would like to expressed their concern and their care for the family, and send their condolences that we are with them in spirit."

Mr Dickman said the grief counsellors had been brought in to help students during the traumatic time, and parents would be provided with after-hours counselling services over the weekend to support their children.

He said the support programs would remain in place for as long as the school community needed it.

"For many of them, this is the first time any of them have experienced this loss," Mr Dickman said.

"We will have communications going out to the families, to the parents, by way of a letter providing them with a number for the weekend for any young people who are struggling.

"We will have people here for as long as we need them to be, both for the staff and the students.

"Sadly we have got a lot of experience with this sort of thing so we kind of looked at the number of students and the size of the staff.

Jayde Kendall was murdered.
Jayde Kendall was murdered. Contributed

"We had a team of senior guidance officers and other guidance officers and chaplains."

Mr Dickman would not comment on the fact murder accused Brenden Bennetts had previously attended the same high school as Jayde.

"I'm not going into an specifics about that matter and need to respect the privacy of all the families involved.

"It is a very difficult time for everybody."

He commended the respectful school parade earlier Friday morning for its tribute to Jayde.

"The tributes are a lovely touch (and) the photograph is Jayde's school photograph and it has been a good thing for the students and potentially the community to come and remember Jayde in this way (and) to put up a note or present flowers.

"There's a message board and those messages will be collated and shared with the family when it is appropriate."