Jetski riders are being warned to be responsible on the water.
Jetski riders are being warned to be responsible on the water. Contributed

JETSKI BLITZ: Irresponsible riders under the spotlight

JETSKI riders face on-the-spot fines for breaching boating laws during a blitz that starts this weekend.

Operators of personal watercraft such as jetskis are advised to be on their best behaviour with the start of a statewide safety campaign starting tomorrow.

NSW Maritime Executive Director Angus Mitchell said the Ride Smart safety operation, which will run until sundown Monday January 22, would see Roads and Maritime Services Boating Safety Officers on a number of NSW waterways with the aim to remind jetskiers of their responsibilities and the rules of safe operation.

"Personal watercraft are popular but are essentially very mobile miniaturised powerboats and must be used correctly for the enjoyment of all water users," Mr Mitchell said.

"All personal watercraft must be registered for operation on NSW waterways and anyone operating any type of personal watercraft at any speed must carry a special licence which can only be obtained once a person has already qualified for a powerboat licence in NSW.

"So by definition, personal watercraft riders are some of the best informed boaters. These riders know everyone on board a craft needs be wearing a lifejacket at all times and not operate before sunrise or after sunset.

"The majority of people do the right thing when riding jetskis but boating safety officers will be carrying out targeted on-water patrols, randomly stopping jetskiers and checking licences.

"Officers will also be checking for appropriate lifejacket wear as well as keeping an eye out for any irregular riding. Operators who are in breach of boating laws face on the spot fines.

"There will also be a focus on ensuring any towing activities involving personal watercraft are being carried out safely and in accordance with the boating regulations."

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