Jetty in question at West Ballina.
Jetty in question at West Ballina.

Jetty built without approval opens ‘can of worms’

BALLINA Shire Councillors have stalled a decision over whether or not to penalise a resident who has built a 4.2m wharf without consent.

Council has set the maximum allowable length of structures in the Ballina Quays canal at 2m.

Knowing the wharf in question certainly isn’t the only unapproved private jetty that has cropped up on the canal, councillors realised their decision would have broader implications.

On Thursday at the February meeting, councillors were in agreement that to be fair, penalising this resident would mean council should penalise others who have flouted the rules - and this could take significant time and resources.

They also agreed that not penalising the resident would set a precedent, and encourage other rogue developments to appear on the water.

“Which can of worms do you want to open?” Cr Phillip Meehan said.

Councillors unanimously voted to take the matter to a briefing, where they will work out the magnitude and scope of the issue.