ON STAGE: Lismore artist Jimmy Willing has some varied shows lined up for local fans.
ON STAGE: Lismore artist Jimmy Willing has some varied shows lined up for local fans.

Jim-Bob, The Real Gone Hick-Ups and The Von Tramps on stage

THE Real Gone Hick-Ups draw water from the well of rural folk tradition and make it their own.

Be it the sound of rockabilly or a cranked up heel-and-toe polka, they always kick up the dust.

They are reminiscent of a 1940's country act, but behind such disguise lies a fine rock and roll band.

The backbone of The Real Gone Hick-Ups is Jimmy Willing, a man that is as much folk music as he is Lismore art and


Willing will be quite busy this spring with a big list of local gigs, each with its own flavour and


The Channon Markets 42nd Birthday Party

JIMMY Willing is ready to create a big kerfuffle to celebrate the Channon Markets birthday once again.

"I'll have my A-Team on stage that day: Clancy Robinson on drums, Nirvana Glassey on double bass and Davey Bob Ramsey on guitar,” he said.

"Also on the bill is a one-off show of my marionettes The Von Tramp Family Puppets.

"The puppets and I have a long history with the Channon Markets as it was our first gig when we went horse drawn, I drove from Toonumbah west of Kyogle to The Channon, it was my maiden journey and it took several days.

"I did a decade of shows with my gypsy cart and herd of horses and I hardly ever missed a market in that time.

"The Market organisers were always very supportive and encouraging and that was great as the show was pretty edgy for it's time, I mean it's led by a Devil called Satan Von Tramp who sells Hell Fried Chicken and as such it caused consternation.”

"I only take my marionettes out of the trunk now for special occasions.”

  • At the Channon Markets on Sunday, October 14.

Jimmy Willing & The Real Gone Hick-Ups go to the Lismore Show

WILLING is really looking forward to this show.

"It will be good to play the show, I'm a big fan of the show and I have a long and colourful history with it,” he said.

"I started out drawing and painting the roosters and the merry go round and ended up running a festival tent called The Cock &


"We did some great things so it will be good to return.

"We are playing Saturday afternoon just before the rodeo so a cowboy as it gets Rock & Roll show is what I have in mind It's a chance for the audience to polish their boots, strap on your spurs and pull your hat down hard.”

  • At the North Coast National Agricultural Show's main stage on Saturday, October 20, from 5pm.

Jim-Bob at The Nimbin Hotel

JIM-BOB is a different type of musical beast all together, Willing explains.

"I'm enjoying working with Bob Ramsey on Jim-Bob, it's a a different fish to The Real Gone Hick-Ups,” he said.

"We have an old time blues approach to the music.

"It's not a rock show and even though we cover things like Iggy and The Stooges, we strip the songs back to the raw narrative, with no more than a guitar, harmonica and two voices. It's a 'less-is-more' affair.

Willing said his favourite at the moment was their cover of Wheels, a Gram Parsons number by The Flying Burrito Brothers.

"Bob and I are looking into writing a song about Gram callled Gram Parsons Haunted Nudie Suit.”

  • At the Nimbin Hotel, on Friday, October 26 from 7pm.