Jim’s View: On championship disinterest

AT ONE time any bowler would crawl over a green ants' nest to play in a district championship.

Those days are gone. In the district fours starting on Saturday, the open championship has just SIX teams - three of them from South Lismore, two from Ballina and one from Evans Head.

That's three clubs represented out of 18 affiliated with the NRDBA! The paucity of entries is evidence of a vast disinterest in a competition that should be a showpiece of district skills and rivalry.

The situation is only marginally better in the reserve fours. It has seven teams.

Both open and reserve competitions are over in one weekend. The third event, that of the oldies, is the only one to go any further. The senior fours has a reasonable 12 teams with the finals the following Saturday.

When district officials see such little response to their diligent organisational work, it must concern them.

Sooner, rather than later, they must decide whether these events are needed.

The majority of clubs by their continued disinterest show they don't want them.