Jodie McRae at Beef Week High Tea
Jodie McRae at Beef Week High Tea Melissa Gulbin

Jodie’s new dream: ‘I don’t want mums to die alone’

OVER 200 ladies converged at the Casino RSM on Thursday, to raise money for charity Jodie's Inspiration, the initiative of cancer survivor and tireless businesswoman Jodie McRae, who is raising money for medical equipment at Lismore's oncology department.

During her keynote speech, charity powerhouse Jodie McRae, let drop that she had a new wish.

"If we can get enough money, I want to get a Palliative Care House for families in the region.

"This charity will go on after me. I may not see it happen but I want it to happen," she said.

Hardly a dry eye was left at the Casino RSM when the inspirational Lismore woman played this video:


Jodie's Inspiration has already raised money to buy two cold cap therapy machines for St Vincent's Hospital in Lismore.

The machines prevent chemotherapy drugs from reaching hair follicles by cooling the scalp temperature right down.

"We are planning for a new family day event, making it three events a year.

"But my stipulation is that all of the money stays around the local area.

Ms McRae explained her vision of setting up a Palliative Care House where family can stay together in those final precious days.

"I have watched a couple of my friends die, who have young children, and the kids don't want to stay in a hospital in a dingy room.

"I have a friend whose kids said 'Dad, I want to go home' and then Mum died on her own." she said.