Jodie Mcrae of Lismore, founded \
Jodie Mcrae of Lismore, founded \"Jodie's Inspiration after battling a rare form of breast cancer. Photo Marc Stapelberg / The Northern Star Marc Stapelberg

Jodie's story was more powerful than she ever comprehended

LISMORE Base Hospital is on its way to receiving about $80,000 worth of equipment for their cancer unit thanks to the money raised at the Pink Halloween.

Jodie's Inspiration chairman Jesse Smith said with the estimated $55-60,000 raised on the night, plus other donations, they would be able to contribute the equivalent amount they were able to achieve last year for St Vincent's.

He reflected on the story of late founder, Jodie McRae, and her impact on the community.

"For us, Jodie's story was powerful, and I think in her humility she never comprehended how powerful it was," he explained.

"The money we're raising is supporting local families going through hell like Jodie and her family went through."


BEAUTIFUL SETUP: Organisers decked out the Trinity Catholic College sports hall for the Pink Halloween 2016.
BEAUTIFUL SETUP: Organisers decked out the Trinity Catholic College sports hall for the Pink Halloween 2016. Cathryn McLauchlan

He said he was extremely happy with how the Pink Halloween evening went.

"The feedback we received is that people certainly appreciated the party atmosphere, people really enjoyed honouring Jodie with the round of applause that was made, and I think people got the message that Pink Halloween and Jodie's Inspiration is here to stay," he said.

"And that the Pink Halloween will hopefully come to be recognised as the biggest party in Lismore."

He said "thank you" was not powerful enough a word to express how he felt about the support received from the Jodie's Inspiration board, community and Page MP Kevin Hogan.

"It's really hard, those two words, they're so simple but they have so much meaning on our end," he said.


"She was beaming - grinning from ear to ear"

Mr Smith said Christmas Carols would be a special event on the Jodie's Inspiration calendar, because of the late founder Jodie McRae's love of Christmas.

"I remember being at work and missing seven calls from her ... when I called back you could hear in the tone of her voice she was just absolutely glowing," he said.

"Jodie said she needed to meet me straight away after work.

"That was probably April, and she said she filed an application for Christmas Carols - she said that will become our family event.

"She was beaming - grinning from ear to ear."

The Caniaba Christmas Carols will be held at the Perradenya Estate, Caniaba, on December 18.