62-year-old John Wallace Edwards has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his estranged wife Sharon Edwards.
62-year-old John Wallace Edwards has pleaded not guilty to the murder of his estranged wife Sharon Edwards. Nathan Edwards / Daily Telegraph

John Edwards sentenced for murder of wife

JOHN Edwards, the man found guilty of killing his estranged wife has been sentenced to 24 years in jail with a non-parole period of 18 years.

"Mr Edwards, for the murder of Sharon Margaret Edwards, you are convicted," judge Justice Robert Allan Hulme said
"You are sentenced to imprisonment comprising of a non-parole period of 18 years with a balance of term of the sentence off six years. That is a total sentence of 24 years and will date from the 20th of June, 2017."

Mr Edwards will become eligible for parole when the non-parole period expires on the 19th of June 2035.

"It is also mandatory that a direction be made that the offence for which the offender is being sentenced is being recorded on the offender's criminal history as a quote 'domestic violence offence'," Mr Hulme said.


In 2015, Grafton school teacher and beloved mother and grandmother, Sharon Edwards disappeared without a trace.

Two years later her estranged husband, John Wallace Edwards, was charged with her murder and this month stood trial in a Coffs Harbour Supreme Court.

This is how the trial unfolded:

DAY ONE: John Edwards murder trial begins

On Monday October 28 proceedings get underway.

DAY THREE: Edwards 'happier than ever' when she disappeared, court told

The jury are empanelled, and the prosecution begin its opening statement.

DAY FOUR: 'I was hoping dad would tell us what happened to mum'

Sharon and John's son Joshua Edwards gives evidence.

DAY FIVE: 'I wanted to believe Dad had nothing to do with it'

Sharon and John's two other sons, Zac and Eli, give evidence.

DAY SIX: Hit job backfired, love triangle murder trial told

The court is told Edwards blamed his wife's alleged death on a hit job gone wrong.

DAY SEVEN: Blood stains found in Sharon Edwards' home

Detectives underwent extensive forensic investigations, this is what they found.

DAY EIGHT: Accused had a 'boxer's fracture' according to expert witness

Edwards had a fracture to his right hand in the weeks after his wife's disappearance, the court heard.

DAY NINE: What happened to Sharon's mobile after disappearance?

Police tracked Sharon Edwards' phone, this is they found.

DAY TEN: Murder accused angry over wife's 'double life': court

A former neighbour gives evidence of what Edward was like in the days after his wife went missing.

DAY ELEVEN: Sharon's lover takes stand again as evidence questioned

Sharon Edwards' partner Billy Mills is recalled to give evidence when an inconsistency is found. 

DAY TWELVE: 'I found the front door open, what's going on?'

The final text messages Sharon received are relayed to the court.

DAY THIRTEEN: Edwards 'fabricated' stories to remove suspicion, court told

The prosecution begin its closing statement, weaving together the evidence heard to explain their case.

DAY FOURTEEN: Edwards the 'only suspect' in alleged murder: Defence

The defence begin its closing statement speaking for John Edwards.

DAY FIFTEEN: Deliberations begin into alleged teacher murder

The 12-person jury begin deliberations with another possible verdict handed to them at the last minute.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Jury delivers verdict

After two days of deliberation, the jury handed down the verdict.

'Five years we've waited for justice' : Joshua Edwards and his family are ready to move forward from the tragedy that has haunted them

'I had somebody's life in my hands and I let her go': Billy Mills wanted to spend his life with Sharon, he recounts his final moments with her.