In Australia, we could do with a good dose of John Lennon dreaming.
In Australia, we could do with a good dose of John Lennon dreaming. ELAINE TO

John Lennon had it right, let's imagine a better world

JOHN LENNON'S song Imagine is often looked upon as a sentimental, yet unachievable, utopian vision for the world.

That the FBI kept a dossier on Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono and viewed them as radicals, is a different story.

They tried to run Lennon out of the country because of his subversive ideas about peace, love and understanding.

In Australia, we could do with a good dose of Imagine as well.

Imagine if we didn't squabble over water (or the lack thereof) and planned between droughts to actually DO something about it.

Whatever happened to those desalination plants everyone seemed to install a few years back? Weren't they supposed to alleviate the impacts of drought?

Or the Murray-Basin plan, which seems to have been sold out to self-interests. With states pointing the finger at one another and blaming that dreadful drought again.

Imagine if we could also have a sensible debate about power.

I'm not talking who is, and who isn't, in power, I'm talking about which variety of energy we use to make power to keep the lights on. That kind of power.

Does every energy debate have to be bogged down in the either/or camps that seem to dominate this discussion?

Does it have to be coal-nuclear OR renewables?

Can't we look at what would be best practice for the environment AND lower power prices and embrace that?

Imagine also if men weren't violent towards women.

That we raised the next generation of men to be Cool like Fonzie and to be respectful and treat women as equals without even having to think about it.

And for every man to control their anger and to call out violence against women whenever they see it.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Just Imagine.