SIBLINGS: Folk siblings Angus and Julia Stone spent their childhood near Nimbin.
SIBLINGS: Folk siblings Angus and Julia Stone spent their childhood near Nimbin.

Julia and Angus Stone's 'magical' connection to Nimbin

ONE of the most popular voices in pop music in Australia, Julia Stone, and her brother Angus, spent part of their childhood at a farm outside Nimbin with their Italian family.

Ahead of her 2019 Bluesfest show, and speaking from her home in Melbourne, Stone revealed her strong family ties with the Northern Rivers.

She was very happy to hear The Northern Star was in Lismore.

"Awesome! That's where my grandmother was born,” she said.

"Her name is Lucy Jeffreys.”

Stone explained her grandmother moved to a farm in Nimbin with her family when she and her brother were children, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"Her husband, my grandfather, also lived in Nimbin and they met and went to school in Lismore, but they lived in Nimbin,” she said.

"My great grandfather was Angelo Nardi, (his family were) Italians that had migrated to Nimbin and they were cattle farmers.

"Actually, do you know Mt Nardi? It's named after my great grandfather.

"A lot of our childhood was spent in Nimbin at the farm.

"It's a beautiful property just outside Nimbin, about five minutes from the centre of town.

"That's were we learned to ride horses.

"It was a very nostalgic experience going back to Nimbin recently, because I know it's changed a lot but it still is a magical place.”

It comes to no surprise that Angus Stone moved to the Byron Shire some years ago.

Stone said she remembers Lismore and Nimbin had an Italian community with a big presence in the area when they were children.

"A lot of our childhood happened there, in the 1980s and early 1990s,” she said.

Angus and Julia Stone were born in Sydney to Kim and John Stone in 1986 and 1984, respectively.

Kim and John were a folk duo and the family used to play together at gatherings with their older sister Catherine.

During their teen years, their parents separated amicably.

The children spent equal time with their mother and father, as both parents lived in the same suburb in Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Angus and Julia Stone have been a successful folk and indie pop duo since 2006 releasing four albums, while Julia Stone has issued two solo recordings to date.

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