Julianne More feels gay characters are
Julianne More feels gay characters are "underrepresented" in Hollywood. Bang Showbiz

Julianne Moore speaks for Italian gay family rights

JULIANNE Moore thinks having a family is a "human right".

The 'Still Alice' star has spoken out in support of a campaign to allow same-sex couples in Italy to have the right to raise a family.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Berlin premiere of her latest film 'Maggie's Plan', she said: "Everyone having a family is a matter of human rights. Every individual should have the right to have a family."

The 55-year-old actress has been a long supporter of equal rights for gay people and previously admitted she feels there has been a change in society's attitude towards gay people but still feels their characters are being "underrepresented" in Hollywood.

She said: "I don't know, it's hard to generalise. But I do think that audiences want to see themselves represented. I think there is an audience for movies for women, no matter what age they are. And Hollywood doesn't ever incite change; it only reflects it. So if people feel like there are changes happening in the movies, then there are changes happening within the culture ...

"I've made about 60 movies. And I've played ... I don't know, how many gay characters, five? That means gay characters are still under-represented in cinema compared to the size of the gay community. It used to be that if a character was gay, that was the thrust of the story. Now, their sexuality is simply their sexuality."