Jury deciding fate of Milos murder accused

THE jury in the Peter Milos murder trial has been urged to reject the "ludicrously unlucky" story told to them by his accused killer James Thomas Howell.

Closing his case in Brisbane Supreme Court late Monday, Crown Prosecutor Glenn Cash said while there was no doubt Mr Milos' double life as a drug dealer was a "dangerous business", the evidence, while circumstantial, all pointed to one person.

He asked the jury to consider how "extraordinary unfortunate" Mr Howell would have been to have "stumbled across" the crime scene when he did.

He said it was not plausible for Mr Howell to have been waiting at a nearby takeaway store at the same time his friend was being "mercilessly bludgeoned to death" only to discover the body after the killer had already had the chance to flee within the alleged time frame.

He also asked the jury to consider the fact that Mr Milos had money and whether someone like Mr Howell, who claimed to have been living week to week at the time, would have had the cash available to spend as "freely as he did" when he bought alcohol, food and lent cash to a friend on the same day of the murder.

He said that when combined, the evidence, which includes CCTV footage of Mr Howell in the right area, blood spots found on his bag and DNA left behind at the scene, should lead to the "only conclusion" that the accused was guilty.

Mr Milos's mother and his young cousin buried their heads in their hands and wept as pictures of the late chef's bloodied body were shown to the jury one last time.

One of the family's supporters fled the room as comparisons were drawn between the savage blows dealt to the victim's head and the process of tenderising meat.

Defence barrister Jeffrey Hunter QC said while the subject matter was "extremely unpleasant", the jury needed to consider why a person, who had struck their victim up to 14 times with building tools, would not have been covered in blood when he was allegedly captured on CCTV after leaving the scene.

"We are talking about a man who is charged with murder and we have to talk about the reality of what happened in that room," Mr Hunter said

"When you think about it, just think about the amount of mess you would make."

ARM Newsdesk