Lismore police station in Lismore. Zadoc Street.
Lismore police station in Lismore. Zadoc Street. Marc Stapelberg

Juvenile arrested twice in one night

TWO juveniles have been arrested breaking into a home in Lismore.

Officers from the general duties and the Richmond TAG unit attended the rear of the premises and saw a ladder leaning against the rear of a house and a juvenile nearby. Police then arrested a second juvenile who was inside the house. Both were taken to Lismore Police Station.

One juvenile will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

The second juvenile coughed up phlegm and spat on the cell doors. That juvenile has been charged with break and enter with intent to steal and damage property.

After being released the juvenile became involved in a disagreement with a person known to them at East Lismore.

The juvenile damaged the interior and exterior of the victim's car. The juvenile was arrested by police driving past at the time and was charged with damaging property.

The juvenile will appear in Lismore Children's Court in December.