Juvenile jail overcrowding 'the result of poor discipline'

AUSTRALIA, open your eyes. The Four Corners program (13/5) highlighted the result of years of turning a blind eye to proper discipline through parenting and schooling.

Two Qld juvenile centres are full and the program focused on juveniles spilling over into adult jails.

I can't see what they are complaining about when Blind Freddy could tell you their policy and laws protecting juveniles is the cause.

Stop complaining about the problem which has been engineered by government "experts".

The answer is simple, build more detention centres and jails, because, according to the "experts", parent disciplining and school discipline is unethical. The "experts" have spoken - you reap what you sow.

Another "brilliant program" was highlighted in Mark Latham's maiden speech, quoting the Australian census showing 1300 LGBTIQ people on the last census, therefore the "experts" want to force all schoolchildren to be part of the Safe Schools program.

What a joke; politicians need to take a sanity check.

JAY NAUSS, Glen Aplin