Pink plumeria or Frangipani flowers
Pink plumeria or Frangipani flowers Praiwun

Keeping your frangipanis healthy and handsome

FRANGIPANIS are stunning trees that can create a lush tropical look in your garden, make a superb shade tree and, of course, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous and beautifully fragrant.

They come in a range of very pretty colours, from the traditional white through to apricots, pinks, yellows and rich burgundy, with many varieties having multi-toned blooms.

Here are some tips to help keep your frangipani healthy and looking fantastic:

Feeding -

Frangipanis will benefit from a feed in February with a fertiliser like Dynamic Lifter, that will provide a complete blend of nutrients for encouraging lots of flowers and healthy leaf growth as well as enriching the soil with valuable organic matter. Apply around the root zone of both in-ground and potted frangipanis and water in well.

Watering -

If the weather is hot and dry, frangipanis will appreciate a deep watering once a week, especially if the tree is still young and the root system is small. There's no need to keep the soil constantly moist as frangipanis do best in slightly drier conditions.

Disease control -

One of the most common problems with frangipanis is rust. Rust appears as yellow or orange-coloured pustules on the underside of the leaves with a corresponding yellow spot on the upper surface. It ruins the look of the foliage and can cause the leaves to prematurely drop. Damage can be minimised by spraying early infections regularly with Yates Rose Shield, which contains a systemic fungicide that travels through the plant's sap system to control rust.