The Bachelor Australia contestant Keira Maguire.
The Bachelor Australia contestant Keira Maguire. Channel 10

Keira takes swipe at 'nasty' bacheloretes in Bachelor exit

THINGS are about to get a lot more boring on The Bachelor.

Outspoken and divisive bachelorette Keira Maguire was sent home under unusual circumstances on the reality dating show tonight.

After taking over a yoga session Richie had organised for their single date, Maguire joked about returning to the mansion with a red rose in hand.

But she didn't go back to the show's headquarters or make it to the rose ceremony after Strahan said he didn't see a future with her.

"When you're with someone you can tell when it's not vibing," she told APN

"It was one of those things like how do you have this conversation? We both decided it wasn't for us."

The Bachelor Richie Strahan with the Top 10 bachelorettes.
The Bachelor Richie Strahan with the Top 10 bachelorettes. Channel 10

As she left by car, the 29-year-old expressed her relief at not having to face the other "nasty" women.

"If I was a guy I wouldn't date half of those girls," she said.

But Maguire claimed she's now great friends with many of other bachelorettes and that her outbursts were due to the heightened emotions stirred up by the strange environment of the show.

"Everyone who is smart knows it is edited and they're only seeing a very small percentage of who I am," she said.

"All of us girls have started a group on Facebook where we all talk, watch the recaps and laugh. You've got to be able to laugh at yourself.'

Maguire, who was in the headlines last week after it was revealed her father was the leader of a polygamist cult in Byron Bay, admitted she did  act up for the cameras.

"Sometimes I would," she said.

"Obviously stuff goes on and you're like' I'm just going to do it I don't care'. Can you imagine sitting there at a cocktail party with no music?"

The Bachelor continues next week when it will be up against The Block and Zumbo's Just Desserts.