Khloe Kardashian 'didn't shower for a week'

KHLOE Kardashian didn't shower for a week in the midst of Lamar Odom's health crisis.

The 31-year-old beauty rushed to be by the bedside of her estranged husband after he collapsed inside a Nevada brothel last year, and Khloe has now revealed the extent of her concern led her to forgo showering.

She shared: "Mentally, it took its toll. But it wasn't about me. I realised how much it was about [Lamar] so I didn't think twice about it."

Khloe admitted her stress levels rose during the time Lamar was in hospital and she struggled to sleep because of her concern for the former basketball star.

She told People: "Normally, when I'm going through stuff, I have my release of energy or stress at the gym.

"But I literally didn't leave the room for a month. I wasn't sleeping as well. I went a week without showering."

Khloe's confession comes shortly after she delivered a positive update on Lamar's health situation.

She said recently: "He's doing good. I'm very happy to report he's doing great. He's out of the hospital. It's such a relief. It was terrifying and scary and no one knew what was going to happen ... He wasn't even walking three weeks ago and he was able to walk out of the hospital."