Cindy Waldron
Cindy Waldron

Killer crocodile with human remains inside caught in NQ

THE crocodile that caught and killed New Zealand tourist Cindy Waldron in far north Queensland has now been captured and euthanised.

The 4.3m crocodile was described by police earlier as a "target animal" and was caught by ranger traps set up in Cooper Creek in the Daintree.

Police said the human remains were believed to be those of Ms Waldron were discovered inside the crocodile, the ABC reports.

This was the second crocodile examined by officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage.

An earlier crocodile was captured and thought to have killed Ms Waldron, but was released unharmed after its stomach contents were investigated.

Ms Waldron, 46, was attacked and killed on Sunday night after wading into the water at Thornton Beach in far north Queensland with her friend Leeanne Mitchell, 47.

The pair entered the water after 10pm.

Ms Waldron's sister Anna-Lee Annette said while "heartbreaking and horrendous", she did not blame the crocodile.

She told the ABC: "They were just wading and then something like this happens out of the blue. It gives me nightmares to think about it."

"One of the first things my mother said was it's not the crocodile's fault, that's his environment."