Anne-Louise Underwood developed Membo Noticeboard to help her mother Dianna through her dementia.
Anne-Louise Underwood developed Membo Noticeboard to help her mother Dianna through her dementia. Anne-Louis Underwood

Kingaroy brain behind new technology for dementia patients

SOUTH Burnett local Anne-Louise Underwood was the brain behind brand new technology now assisting dementia patients, like Anne-Louise's own mother.  

Mrs Underwood was brought up in Kingaroy, in a house in Coral Street.

Her father Neville Lawrie was the Shire Engineer from 1961 through to 1971. He was also an active member of the Kingaroy Rotary Club.

In November 2017 Mrs Underwood's mother Diana was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia.

As Diana's memory continued to deteriorate, the Underwood's found themselves in increasingly stressful situations.

Diana also experienced a significant increase in her distress, as she was unable to remember important information daily.

Her appointments were being missed, many phone calls to check arrangements were being made, and what had been simple daily tasks were becoming increasingly difficult for Diana to manage on her own.

Mrs Underwood found herself greatly affected by this increasing pressure, and was considering looking at a higher level of care for her mother.

Diana still lives independently. However, because of her progressive memory loss Mrs Underwood became her primary support carer and was having to visit her most days.

Fortunately Mr Underwood was a software developer with a history working the medial administration area.

In an effort to help Diana remain independent for as long as possible, the couple set to work developing a system that would remind her of important information on a daily basis.

And, hence Membo Noticeboard was born.

Victoria McLoughlin from Baker street Marketing has recently worked alongside Mrs Underwood on this project.

"Recently I have had the honour of working alongside the Underwood's, who have developed valuable assistance technology that helps people living with Dementia, particularly those experiencing memory loss, to continue to live independently. And importantly to retain their dignity," she said.

"Simply put, Membo Noticeboard enables the update and immediate display of appointments, information and photos via an App installed on a tablet or mobile phone.

"It's great for people living with memory loss because the Noticeboard can display 24/7 making it easy to check information at any time, and as often as needed. Not only that, there is no need to touch the tablet to view the information."

Ms McLoughlin said different types of access can be provided for family, carers and service providers.

"This enables unprecedented levels of inclusion and information-sharing for everyone involved in the care and well-being of someone living with memory loss or dementia," she said.

"As the system has grown and matured, the option for Organisations such as Retirement Villages and Aged Care facilities to disseminate their newsletters and other important notices to their Residents - and to their families - has been built into the system, enabling direct delivery irrespective of where people are.

"After using Membo NoticeBoard personally, Mark and Anne-Louise have launched the software nationally. Because of their own experience, they are deeply committed to helping others in the same way that the system has helped them."