Luna was seized by the RSPCA in December after reports of animal cruelty.
Luna was seized by the RSPCA in December after reports of animal cruelty. RSPCA

Kitten dead, two injured after shocking cruelty crimes

MAN with "uncontrollable aggressive tenancies" towards kittens said he had a bad day at work the night he threw one of three cats he was found guilty of abusing into a wall.

The Caloundra Magistrates Court heard how Brodie Keith McGann, 27, was charged with animal cruelty after an investigation into his treatment of three kittens between September and December, 2018.

The court heard how the kittens - Biscuit, Maple and Luna -, were presented to Animal Emergency Service with injuries vets said weren't consistent with the stories he provided.

On September 10, McGann said Biscuit had fallen down stairs, and less than three weeks later, she was injured after getting slammed in a door.

The court heard she suffered breathing difficulties, low temperatures and fluid with signs of blood in her abdomen. Her injuries worsened while at hospital and she had to be euthanised.

On October 13, McGann presented at Nicklin Way Veterinarian Surgery with a two-month-old kitten, Maple, stating it fell 3m through a railing and suffered four fractured ribs.

Vets contacted RPSCA after his partner brought her back in nine days later with fresh trauma, bloodshot eyes and an unkept coat, saying on both occasions the injuries weren't consistent with explanations.

After an RSPCA investigation, McGann said Maple's injuries had been suffered after he picked her up and threw her at a wall.

McGann said his "trajectory" was off and he meant to throw her on to his bed after she urinated on him when he got home from a bad day at work.

On December 4, McGann's partner told their vet he had "uncontrollable aggressive tendencies" towards the kittens when she brought eight-month-old kitten Luna in after she fell from their Christmas tree.

The court heard she also told the vet he ran her head under a tap after she hissed at him, which a vet concluded was not consistent with the collapsed lung and fractured hip she suffered.

McGann said he didn't hold her underwater, but instead put her in laundry tub and rubbed water over her coat and face.

The court heard she was hurt in the struggle and ran to another room. McGann told his partner he gave the cat a bath because it had faeces on it.

Magistrate Stephanie Tonkin said the acts carried out on the kittens were the most worrying offence and "absolutely grossly unlawful and wrong".

However, she took into account an early plea and the fact that he showed signs of remorse and insight and he had taken the cats to the vet after inflicting their injuries.

The court heard how his partner sent an email to AES saying her partner loved the kittens but loses his temper, and his methods of punishment are careless.

The email said McGann had never owned cats before and didn't know what to do or how to behave with them.

McGann said the incident had ruined his life and he had lost his relationship over it. 

He was sentenced to 30 months probation, 150 hours of community service and fined $4134.

Ms Tonkin also ordered he not be allowed to keep animals for five years and must submit to counselling.

No convictions were recorded.