Knitting Nannas Against Gas
Knitting Nannas Against Gas

Knitting Nannas say CSG mining is knot on

IN A letter to Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis, the Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas raised concerns about gas mining proposals for the Clarence Valley.

The nannas oppose the proposal to begin coal seam gas mining in the Northern Rivers. The group has concerns about wildlife conservation, health and safety and future generational prosperity.

Grafton Loop member Leonie Blain said the nannas wanted a change.

"We've seen what gas mining does in the US and also what it has done in Queensland," she said.

"We don't want that industrialised landscape.

"It looks as if people will make money out of this, obviously, but there needs to be concerns about long-term impacts.

"We have concerns for future generations of humans and non-humans, the issue of climate change and the contribution of methane to the atmosphere."

The KNAGs asked Mr Gulaptis to fix the issue and argued there should be no gas mining in the Clarence.

"We would like to see a complete ban on gas mining in the Northern Rivers, which includes the Clarence Valley and places further north," Ms Blain said.

"We want our local representatives to stand up to those in Sydney who only care about short-term economic advantage."