Koalas, roads and drains

SUNDAY'S Tweed Councillors Community Catch Up was not without its confrontations.

One local criticised the lifting of the dog ban at the Kings Forest development and its effect on the koala population.

Margaret and Tom Swain of Hastings Point voiced concern about a blocked and stinking drain near their North Star Holiday Park home.

Councillor Dot Holdom said feedback good and bad was all in the name of free speech.

"Everyone has been great," Cr Holdom said.

"And I've been wonderful.

"I represent everybody, including those who hate my guts."

Her sense of humour helped sustain her during the Sunday heat at Pottsville's markets.

Cr Joan van Lieshout ran late and Mayor Barry Longland was parked-in at the Kingscliff Triathlon, which left Cr Holdom holding the fort for three hours.

She said the proposed Cabarita caravan park, Community Based Heritage Study and health of local roads were linked to other concerns raised.

"I've only been smacked upside of the head once," she joked.

"I still maintain everyone has a right to be heard, but that is a reciprocal right.

"There's no surprising issues - just people with concerns who need to be heard, and that's my job.

"I'm the comic relief even; I take my job seriously, but I don't take me seriously."

The councillor said there were many positive comments about the extended Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre, which was conveniently opened on Friday.

"You could feel the community in the walls of that building," Cr Holdom said.

Mrs Swain's issue was with a Creek St blocked drain near her property which she said was left that way by a cancelled nearby development.

Another more elderly couple inquired about locating rental accommodation which welcomed pets.

It was all in a day's work for one of our local elected representatives, until Cr Lieshout arrived to give her colleague a well-earned rest.