Kudra urges young people to get enrolled to vote

KUDRA Falla-Ricketts, the 19-year-old Greens candidate for Page, is urging young Australians to get enrolled to vote in order to make a difference in the upcoming election.

The young federal candidate has appeared in a video on The Greens social media pages, ahead of the May 23 cut off day for enrolment to vote.

She says currently, a massive 21% of 18 to 24 year old aren't enrolled.

"This is enough to completely change the outcome of an election," she says.

"I often hear people complaining about the people in power, but if you're not on the electoral role, and you're not voting, you're a part of the problem.

"Because while you may not be directly helping to vote them in, you're also not helping to vote them out.

"And a vote against them, is equally as powerful."

Research from the Australian Electoral Commission shows almost half of all 18-year-olds were still not enrolled to vote in the July 2 federal election as recently as two weeks ago.

Ms Falla-Ricketts said the low number of young people enrolled to vote was a stark contrast to the history pages where people had to fight for the right to vote.

She pointed out that it was only in 1902 that Australian women won the right to vote and as late as 1962 when indigenous Australians got the right to vote in federal elections.

"Often I hear people say 'I'm not interested in politics'," she says.

"They think of politics as a bunch of old men sitting around a table, hurling abuse at each other and lying to the media.

"But really, politics is the mechanism that we have in place so that we can make important decisions which affect all of our lives.

"Who we vote into power decides whether we have a good public school system, public health system, whether we're going to have real action on climate change.

"We have the power to stand up to bad policy by voting.

"I'm not asking you to follow everything that's going on. But the least that you can do is to figure out which party best aligns with your values and make sure you vote for them and vote for the things you care about."

People have until May 23 to enrol to vote ahead of the July 2 federal election.