Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner responds to disturbing lip-enhancement craze

IMAGINE the look of bemusement on Kylie Jenner's face when she logged into Twitter one morning to see her name trending as a hashtag next to the word "challenge".

Imagine her horror, then, when she clicked on said tag and saw that scores of teenage girls had taken photographic evidence of their part in the disturbing social media craze, which sees them creating a vacuum with jars and shot glasses in a vain attempt to emulate her spherical pout.

Sadly, the results were far from realistic, and many were left with bloodied, bruised and swollen mouths that looked more like they'd been punched in the face than been non-surgically enhanced.

So Jenner issued a mildly concerned response:

The method of the craze apparently works by creating an airlock around the mouth of the glass or jar by sucking on it, therefore increasing blood flow to the lips.

Unfortunately, the effects of said method not only look terrible, but last for hours longer than expected.