Cameron Murphy. Photo from Twitter.
Cameron Murphy. Photo from Twitter.

Labor candidate reports 'malicious' election smear campaign

A NEW South Wales election candidate has told police he was the victim of a smear campaign claiming he was a pedophile and a "supporter of child rapists".

Labor candidate for East Hills Cameron Murphy says thousands of flyers containing the claims were distributed before the March 28 election.

Hundreds of his corflute posters were also covered with stickers saying "pedophile lover" .

Mr Murphy is neck-and-neck with incumbent Liberal MP Glenn Brookes for the Sydney seat, but has fallen about 0.3% behind.

The Order of Australia recipient called the anonymous smear campaign "incredibly malicious, orchestrated and organised" in a Daily Telegraph editorial on Sunday.

"For the record, I have an unblemished history," he wrote.

"I have never been suspected of, arrested, charged with, or ever been convicted of any offence. I have always been an ethical person and confined my views to the issues, not the people involved in any matter.

"I am devastated for my wife Agatha who had to look at these disgusting leaflets and stickers, and I worry what my young son will think of them when he grows up and can understand what they mean."

Mr Murphy plans to file a complaint with the Electoral Commission over the issue.