Lanie Lane galloped into our hearts earlier this year, and with the release of her debut album To The Horses, we've saddled up for the ride.

If you've been champing at the bit for a chance to see Lane, you're in luck - she's playing at the Mullum Music Festival.

I'm not going to trot on about horses, but Lane does have a penchant for the animal.

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A stallion strides towards her wrist in the tattoo on her arm and she's devoted her debut album to them.

But as she tells Pulse from her parents' home in Sydney's eastern suburbs, she rarely has the time to ride, or the space for that matter.

"I didn't grow up around horses," she admits.

"We're actually in the eastern suburbs. I work a lot so I don't really get a chance."

However Lane and her manager did manage to find the time recently while in Nashville in the United States.
"One day I just said to my manager 'let's go horse riding'," she says.

"He hasn't ridden for 20 years, but he was like, 'okay'. It was great. They don't make you wear helmets over there like they do here. If I could I'd be riding every day."

Lane's debut album landed at no.12 on the ARIA charts - not bad for an artist who only at the beginning of the year leapt into the spotlight as the winner of Triple J's Unearthed Big Day Out competition.

But it's hardly the start of her career. Lane has been surrounded by music throughout her life and says it's hard to define a particular moment when it became important to her.

"I was always watching TV and video clips," she says.

"I remember watching Monty Python with my older brother and sister who are 10-14 years older than me and just dancing around singing to their silly songs."

She found inspiration in what now seems like an unlikely place - Mariah Carey.

"That sounds funny now because what she's like now," Lane says, laughing. "But she was a real inspiration to me. She had such a powerful voice."

Lane's voice is quite particular, as with her look - a mix of rockabilly, jazz and '50s style.

"I think it just meshes well with the music I make," she says of her style. "I think it would look silly to wear cargo pants with the music I make. I just wear what feels good at the time. At the moment I'm wearing a pale pink onesie which is quite modern, but the way I do my hair and make up just makes it look from another era, like the '40s or '50s."

Lane's visit to Nashville wasn't only to ride horses with her manager.

She was busy recording two songs with renowned producer and musician Jack White, of The White Stripes fame. Lane was asked to the US by White after he heard a few of her songs. She describes the experience modestly as "cool".

"I'm just happy to be the only Australian artist to be asked to work with him," she says. "It really made me feel like I don't need to worry about becoming stale. I think those songs are different, but they still sound like me. It was my songs with his production so it really was collaboration."

Lane's sassy sounds canter (sorry) into Mullumbimby tonight.

Lanie Lane plays at the opening gala performance Thursday, November 24 at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall and Friday, November 25 at the Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club as part of the Mullum Music Festival. For ticketing info and the full program head to