PROUD: Brooke alongside her late father, Dr Nigel Chamberlain.
PROUD: Brooke alongside her late father, Dr Nigel Chamberlain. Brooke Chamberlain

Late father inspired Alstonville woman to head to Hollywood

THE daughter of a much-loved Alstonville doctor who died after a tragic accident has told how her father inspired her to pursue a successful acting career.

Brooke Chamberlain has been landing plenty of Hollywood roles lately, but said she hasn't forgotten her hometown.

Her father, Dr Nigel Chamberlain, owned the Alstonville Medical Centre prior to suffering severe brain damage in a cycling accident in September 2014 which left him in a vegetative state.

"He was a good man, filled with love, wisdom and kindness and family was everything to him. He cared for his patients deeply and I know he left a legacy that I will always be proud of," she said.

"Dad has inspired me so much throughout my life, especially as I have grown into a young woman, his values and integrity have set the bar as to the kind of person I want to be."

Alstonville actress Brooke Chamberlain
Alstonville actress Brooke Chamberlain

Dr Chamberlain passed away on Anzac Day 2017, and Brooke said it had been the hardest time of her family's lives.

"I always told myself I will allow myself to cry and grieve but I won't allow myself to get depressed," she said.

"When you go through tragedy you have a choice. You can make the most of a bad situation and grow from it or you can easily spiral into self pity and depression.

"The choice is yours but only one of those choices leads to growth and happiness."

She said keeping a bright outlook and positive attitude, despite tragedy, is important.

Alstonville actress Brooke Chamberlain
Alstonville actress Brooke Chamberlain

"Ask yourself what that tough time taught you," she said. "For me it was to appreciate life and live life to the fullest and love those close to you dearly as you never know when it can be taken away."

The 29-year-old has spent the past few years travelling for work, including being flown to Paris, Milan and Tel Aviv to host fashion week for Amazon Prime shows Fashion News Live and Street Style.

She recently landed roles on two pre-production US television shows Malibu Nights, directed by Martin Copping and Sunset Heights, produced by Adam Horner. Brooke now splits her time between her Mermaid Beach home and working in Los Angeles, and said coming from a small town "sometimes our dreams can seem unreachable", but she believes anything is possible with enough hard work.