Peter Holt

Latest mine closure means up to 1000 jobs affected in a week

REVELATIONS that Isaac Plains coal mine west of Mackay will be shut down means this week could prove to be amongst the most bloody in recent memory as up to 1000 workers are affected.

Isaac owners Vale and Sumitomo announced overnight that the operation -- employing 289 as of mid-2013 -- would be put on "care and maintenance".

This means the mine will be effectively mothballed, although there may be a small contingent of workers kept employed to ensure critical maintenance is done on the site.


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In a joint statement released overnight, owners Vale and Sumitomo said the project was "not economically feasible under current market conditions".

The official word from Vale was vague, but Sumitomo has confirmed suggest Isaac Plains will go into standby mode by January 2015.

It comes less than a week after BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance announced it would cut up 700 jobs from a suite of its Central Queensland coal mines.