Law experts against controls for underage terror suspects

LEGAL experts from the Muslim community have urged the Turnbull government to drop plans to treat underage terror suspects the same way as adults.

Parliament's powerful Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is examining a bill to expand the 'control order' regime to people aged 14 years old.

The regime allows people who are subject to the confidential orders to be put on a curfew and their movements monitored.

But the Gilbert and Tobin Law Centre and Muslim Legal Network have told the committee the regime should be abandoned.

In hearings on Monday, Muslim Legal network president Zaahir Edries said the regime would only "further marginalise people who are already disconnected" from society.

He said community intervention was more effective in preventing young people being radicalised.

While the Gilbert and Tobin Centre did not oppose lowering the age, it did oppose control orders.