Final speech, Lady of justice, gavel and books on wood
Final speech, Lady of justice, gavel and books on wood

Lawyer caught exceeding speed limit by 36km/h

A LAWYER who was caught speeding through Clunes on her way to a job interview has told the court she's "very, very sorry" for her actions.

Mariette Rita Curcuruto appeared before Lismore Local Court on Tuesday after a speeding camera recordered her driving at 86km/h in a 50km/h zone at Clunes.

Having represented people over the years for similar speeding offences, Ms Curcuruto explained to the court she had learnt a great lesson after completing the traffic offenders' program.

"Speeding has been an issue for me in previous years, there is no excuse for that," she said.

"I come from a very rural area, previously from Broken Hill where I'm used to going higher speeds.

"I moved to the coast in 2017, and I'm driving longer distances and doing far more driving on the open road than I'm used to.

"I've appeared for a lot of people who said that (they're sorry) and then reappeared in five months.

"I have taken the lessons from the traffic offenders' program… and it's been a swift kick up the behind.

"I was travelling for an interview (at the time of this offence); I was thinking about the interview and I wasn't thinking about the road."

Magistrate Michael Dakin said despite Ms Curcuruto's semi-blemish free driving record between 2003 and 2017, three charges in addition to one before the court since 2017 showed concern.

But Mr Dakin said he'd hoped she would show a "monostable change in behaviour" as she understood the "stark reality" of losing her license would cause her difficulty in accessing necessary medical appointments in Brisbane.

Ms Curcuruto was issued a conditional release order and warned any further traffic infringements would see her brought before the court again.