The hitman, the snitch and the lawyer.
The hitman, the snitch and the lawyer.

Lawyer X royal commission extended

THE  Lawyer X royal commission into the use of police informers has been given extra time to conduct hearings and another $20.5 million to complete the work.

The high-profile commission is looking at the recruitment and management of people used to supply information to police, including gangland barrister Nicola Gobbo, also known as Lawyer X.

Attorney-General Jill Hennessy on Saturday announced that reporting timelines for the Royal Commission had been extended after a request from the royal commission.

"The request follows a broadening of the royal commission's terms of reference in February this year, which significantly increased the volume of material required to be examined by the royal commission." The inquiry was originally expected to report its findings and recommendations in relation to the number of and extent to which cases had been impacted by Ms Gobbo, by July 1 this year.

It was also required to report on the remaining matters by December 1. But under the new terms of reference, the commission will complete all hearings by March 2020 with the final report to be given to the governor by July 1 the same year.

The inquiry also asked the state government for extra cash due to the change of terms of reference.

"The complexities of dealing with a large volume of sensitive material that requires timely and detailed analysis, as well as security of the evidence, has resulted in the need for additional funding," Ms Hennessy said.

Commission hearings are set to resume on June 17 with evidence from controversial former drug squad detective Paul Dale.