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Lego to launch reality TV show and give Batman his own movie

LEGO has announced that their next venture will be into television. Following the success of The Lego Movie earlier this year, the Danish toy manufacturers are developing ideas for possible reality competition TV shows.

The Guardian reported from the Mipcom TV conference in Cannes, where Lego's vice-president Jill Wilfert shared the news that the company is "working on a new property that will launch with a TV series in 2015" and that they are "focusing on having real interactivity."

Ms Wilfert hinted that one of their favourite ideas would involve contestants competing for the role of Master Builder, the title currently given to both those who design the Lego toy sets and the professionals who build the gigantic sculptures at the Legoland parks and at events around the world. 

"The idea of becoming a Master Builder is something we think could be quite resonating," she added.

Lego's first attempt at branching out into the entertainment industry was a huge success, with The Lego Movie taking just over 300 million pounds at box office. Following on from this, The Lego Movie 2 was in the pipeline for release in 2017.

However, The Hollywood Reporter announced this week that Lego's collaborators Warner Bros may be prioritising a big-screen spin-off starring the Batman character from the original Lego feature. The project will be directed by Chris McKay, animation supervisor on The Lego Movie, and Will Arnett will be reprising his role as the popular minifigure superhero.

The release date for Batman's own film is likely to fall in 2017, possibly pushing the premiere of The Lego Movie 2 further into the future.

"The audience has responded, they love our content," Ms Wilfert said in Cannes. "There is a lot of speculation about future Lego movies. I'm pretty confident that we'll be seeing additional Lego movies in the future."