THE tireless campaign has finally paid off for Ulmarra residents with the announcement of changes to speed limits on the southern and northern approaches to the village.

MP Chris Gulaptis announced on Friday safety would be improved on sections of the Pacific Highway at Ulmarra in the coming weeks following a detailed review of the speed zone in response to community concerns.

"The review considered the road environment, pedestrian activity, driver behaviour, vehicle volumes and historical crash data," Mr Gulaptis said.

"In line with the review's recommendations the existing 50km/h speed limit will be extended at the southern and northern ends of the township.

"The 80km/h speed limit on the southern entry to town will also be extended."

Ulmarra resident and Let's Not Wait campaign spokesperson Ryan Brown welcomed the announcement.

"It's a step in the right direction," Mr Brown said.

"It's more than what we had and it's good that everyone's been able to get on board.

"We have copped a bit of flak from motorists, so I think it's going to be all worth it."

Resident John Leask echoed these sentiments.

"I'm really happy with what's happened today," Mr Leask said.

"Some people were sceptical that the push by Ulmarra residents to make this place a safer place was going to be a waste of effort, but this is proof that when the community gets together, we can get things improved."

Mr Gulaptis said the extended speed limits would be supplemented with new warning signs and line marking to advise motorists of new speed limits.

The new speed limit will come into effect this month and motorists are advised to drive to the conditions.