Metgasco shareholders are being asked to take their vote seriously.
Metgasco shareholders are being asked to take their vote seriously.

LETTER: Metgasco shareholders - think carefully how you vote

ARE you a shareholder in a CSG mining company?

Have you heard about the death of Mr.George Bender, a farmer in the Darling Downs?

Have you heard how and why he died?

You have no doubt heard all the stories about the harm that unconventional gas mining does to our environment, how it pollutes our water and our air.

Perhaps you are even aware of the detrimental effects on communities in CSG areas.

Maybe you know the astounding harm to the health of children who are exposed to the air around CSG mines.

Whether you believe the scientific evidence or not which urges extreme caution with the use of fracking, whilst you continue to support the CSG companies with your investments, you are supporting an industry that cares only about profits.

It is highly doubtful that you have invested your money for altruistic reasons.

You want the dividends.

Does it really matter to you whether the gas is used to overcome the alleged shortage of energy for NSW, or whether it is exported to whoever is willing to pay top dollar for it. It obviously does not matter to the mining companies.

They don't care about the harm that they are causing, and they don't care how they go about dealing with the people whose land they want to use.

Do you care?

Every single shareholder in every CSG company is in principle accountable for Mr.Bender's and his family's tragedy.

Every state government is also accountable by failing to protect the very people who elected them into a position of great social responsibility.

Show that as a responsible shareholder, you do care.

Laszlo Biro

North Casino