Ballina residents came to the rescue of a woman who watched her bike being stolen.
Ballina residents came to the rescue of a woman who watched her bike being stolen. mel-nik

Ballina woman chases thief after he steals her bike

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to all of the wonderful people that helped me in my chase down of a guy that stole my bike from outside my house yesterday.

I was outside on the small grassed area with my little seven year old girl (who'd just learned to ride without training wheels), we were riding around when she fell off and stubbed her toe.

I carried her inside, and the few minutes later when I came out to collect her little pink bike and my bike, mine was gone.

I looked around and saw a guy riding along the Lighthouse Beach footpath with it. I started running after the guy on barefoot, yelling at him to stop and give me back my bike.

A lovely man, Craig, on his bike turned around and joined my chase.

A lovely young couple then came to my assistance, and the wonderful girl on the North Wall lent me the use of her bike to continue my chase.

Cycling, still yelling at this guy to give me back my bike, I was then helped by George in his motorised scooter.

Craig and George saw in the distance, that the guy had dumped (it) at the caravan park, which they stayed there to look for it. I continued my chase of this horrible guy to confront me about why he would do such a thing.

The guy told a lie to my face when I caught up with him at the skate park.

A big thank you also to the lovely older man who stood up to this guy when I was clearly shaken and distressed to the fact that he had stolen my bike, (he) would've been able to hear my yelling, and had dumped my bike.

I went back to the caravan park, where a family in the picnic shelter near the bay spotted my bike. I thanked all of the amazing people on my journey back to home with my recovered bike. Without the help of these beautiful people whom I had previously never met, I would be a girl with sore feet, without a bike.

I am not sure how this works, but I am wondering if a small few words of thanks can go to everyone who helped me yesterday afternoon.

I ran/rode from Lighthouse Beach, along the Break Wall, past the caravan park and the small inlet/bay picnic area, across Missingham Bridge, and into the caravan park. I have lodged a statement with the police, but as I do not know these people, is there anyway that I can say thank you to the public for their courageous and selfless assistance to a poor distressed girl chasing a guy that stole her bike.

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