Stephen Ward took this photo of an emu at Palmers Island.
Stephen Ward took this photo of an emu at Palmers Island.

LETTERS: 80km/h emu speed trap, fire fuel and lost friends

Speed zone turns 'racetrack' into a parking lot

IN REFERENCE to your article Need for less speed: Call for action on 'racetrack' on August 19, like most Australians I have been avoiding our native Australian fauna on the roads for years. It unfortunately goes with progress.

It's a sad but true indictment that as we move and populate our more pristine areas we are going to have more and more encounters with our native species meeting their demise coming into contact with modern machinery.

I believe that we just have to be more alert than ever when driving in rural NSW, and turning the state into an 80km/h parking lot is absurd.

Referring to the Brooms Head Road as a "racetrack" is equally ridiculous. You will not find a rural road in NSW that has not been used for excessive speed at one time or other.

Having been born and raised in rural NSW towns, it has always frustrated me that it is often our "tree change" metropolitan residents that move to a rural area and make changes such as changing speed limits and closing beach access to other responsible local users.

It is just arrogance and ignorance of the country life.

I photographed an emu on the Yamba Road on the eastern side of Palmers Channel earlier this year. Do we now make this an 80km/h stretch of road?

I might suggest drive with your eyes open to avoid collisions.

Steve Ward

Lower Clarence


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Seeking old friends

WE ARE seeking to contact some old friends from your coverage area.

Some years ago we met two ladies from Brooms Head, namely Noreen Stone and Kaye Albert.

For some time we had their contact details as both phone numbers, email addresses and home address. Unfortunately we have misplaced this info.

While respecting privacy arrangements we wonder if you are in a position help us out. Maybe you could convey our information to Kaye and Noreen. They will know us as Geoff (Barney) and Lyn Baxter, and hopefully renew contact. Many thanks.

Geoff Baxter

Portland, VIC

Ed's note: If you are the Kaye and Noreen sought by Barney and Lyn, please email and I will pass on their details to be contacted.


No fuel = no fire

A NSW Bushfire Inquiry concluded: "Hazard-reduction burns should be greatly increased".

What a breath of good sense. If there is no fuel, there can be no fire.

They also urge a return to indigenous fire management. Aboriginals burnt anything and everything, at any time, for any reason. They had no water-bombers and seldom tried to put fires out, but they did understand back-burning. Their vegetation management created the vast and productive open forests and grasslands that supported large populations of marsupials and birds.

But tree huggers would never support this. They prefer scrub, weeds, pests and occasional fierce wildfires.

Viv Forbes

Washpool, QLD


Perrottet and his iCare-funded advisors

IS IT any wonder many community members, disgusted with the continuing revelations about political rorts and snouts in the public trough, have such contempt for politicians?

The latest is the Dominic Perrottet iCare melodrama. The NSW Treasurer apparently does not understand iCare was established to provide support for workers injured at work - not to employ extra ministerial advisors for him.

The two advisors in question have now been removed - but only after this rort became public knowledge. And what has the Minister to say in explanation? An administrative error! He's fixed it now with the removal of the advisors!

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His responsibility for this gross misuse of funds has not been abrogated by his spin. Nor has his responsibility for the mess that iCare is in. There are serious questions about the mismanagement and shocking treatment of injured workers that go far beyond the ministerial advisor rort. It seems that an ICAC investigation is needed.

And Minister Perrottet should stand down while the whole mess and his part in it is being examined.

Leonie Blain




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