Taken around Bexhill. Photo: Jonathan Grace
Taken around Bexhill. Photo: Jonathan Grace

Levee cut avoids big fish kill

THE Richmond River appears to have dodged a serious fish kill in the wake of ex-cyclone Oswald.

Floodplain manager with Richmond River County Council Michael Wood said yesterday there had been no reports of significant fish kills. Only a few locations showed a handful of dead fish, particularly at Rocky Mouth Creek.

The species were mixed, with carp, native bass, eels and mullet falling victim.

While the dissolved oxygen content of the river was still at a critical level, Mr Wood was optimistic the river would 'claw back' now that the worst of the oxygen-poor blackwater had trickled downstream.

An emergency cut through a levee embankment at Rocky Mouth Creek had saved hundreds of mixed species fish and many hundreds of kilograms of prawns that were trapped in devilishly black water.

Not all survived, but the cutting will remain as a fish release mechanism that will be closed in future floods.