'You should be ashamed': Greens leader slams Liberals

Liberals' demolition is now complete

IF Bill Shorten and his Labor colleagues can't win the next election, they will be in the wilderness for years.

The demolition job the liberal Party has done on itself this week should be enough to convince even the hardiest Liberal voters that their leaders cannot manage themselves, much less the nation.

The final result was Scott Morrison as the new leader and prime minister.

He defeated Peter Dutton 45 to 40 votes in the party room.

Mr Morrison's deputy will be Josh Frydenberg.

But the real result was the anger Australians have shown for the farce that has been played out in Canberra.

It is the sad case that Australians are sick of politicians.

Few could argue that those in Canberra are in touch with the electorate.

This result can be seen as a vote against the shift to the right that Peter Dutton would have represented.

Amazingly, Malcolm Turnbull garnered 40 votes to 45 during the spill process.

It will be interesting to see if John McVeigh keeps his spot in Cabinet after switching from Mr Turnbull to Peter Dutton.

The new PM may take a dim view of that switch.