One reader has found life in regional Australia can be tough if you don't have your own transportation.
One reader has found life in regional Australia can be tough if you don't have your own transportation. Rae Wilson

$25 to get from Lismore to G'bah: Cost of life without a car

ONE reader has shared the difficulties of getting around if you don't have a licence, or a car, in Lismore.

I bought a car this month, and before you congratulate me , everyone must know - I'm a very slow 'learner'.

Without a license and/or a registered vehicle to drive, life can be pretty tough here in the Lismore area.

So, while my shiny little red car waits patiently for me to be qualified to drive it, I have no other choice but to utilise our community's public transport options.

Do we need better public transport on the Northern Rivers?

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It costs $25 to travel from Goonellabah to Lismore if you are travelling via a Lismore cab service.

You could be waiting up to an hour for a cab, especially if you need a baby capsule or require a maxi taxi.

Maxi taxis do not function late at night or in the early morning. If the driver is awake, you might get lucky!

If you decide that your wallet can't handle the pressure of a $25 one way trip, you may delight in a cheaper alternative and take a ride on the local buses. Of course, that is if you have 45 minutes to spare and can allow for the possibility of a late arrival.

You will not be travelling to church on a bus either, Sundays don't exist on our current timetable.

You must make sure you have small change though, otherwise you will be scolded and left on the sidewalk, when you attempt to pay for your ticket.

If you aren't anywhere near a place that can change your notes to coins, I'm afraid you will be walking.

Walking from Goonellabah to Lismore can take up to 3 hours, depending on your location,luggage and physical health. If you have children in tow, add another hour.

Though, if you are working in the CBD and your shift begins at 6am - your best hope is a $25 pre-booked taxi . Carpooling is only an option for some.

It is understandable that we don't have buses running every 10 minutes, like the larger cities. Petrol prices and maintenance are also evidently why our cabs are costly.

However, if we improved our community's local transport, the entire town would benefit.

Four years ago, Joe Hockey put emphasis on the fuel tax, which he believes the 'poor' do not suffer from, because 'the poorest people don't own cars'.

Homelessness isn't the only issue that arises from poverty.

Transportation is a major problem for those below the poverty line.

It would be incredible to see our community work together, to help others achieve a healthy standard of living - beginning with a better transport system.

Who knows, it may reduce car theft, drink driving and other vehicle related crimes.