LETTER: How about 'footprint' tax based on size and weight?

HERE are a couple of suggestions for Treasurers Pitt and Hockey, looking for new ways to tax the plebs.

 1: A 'footprint' tax. This would be a simple calculation based on shoe size and body weight.

 2: An 'oxygen-CO2' tax. The formula for calculation would be a bit more complex. This would be based on the individual's metabolic rate, their body weight and their rating on a lifestyle-activity scale.

This rating would be on a scale starting from one for minimal physical activity of a lazy slob, through to a 10 for maximum physical activity, such as for a professional athlete.

The additional benefit to society is that these taxes would provide an incentive for overweight people to make a serious effort to reduce the high-calorie food intake and increase their exercise.

Whoops! That might not work because any tax savings they might make by reducing their body weight, they might lose due to an increase in their metabolic rate and lifestyle-activity rating as a result of exercising.

On second thought, to make any real tax savings, perhaps they just need to focus on reducing calorie intake and forget about exercise.