Final x-ray as hospital's imaging section moves into new age

LISMORE Base Hospital's imaging section has been bought into the new age as the old imaging sector performed its final x-ray last week.

The old imaging department had been in existence for more than 20 years but has now been replaced by the new imaging department in the newly built F Block.

The recipient of that final x-ray was local patient Dave Watson who was given a tour of the old facility by the Chief Radiation scientist before they flicked the switch.

"Did you ever watch Chernobyl, the control panel looked like something out of that show … it was like old school ... it was a monster machine," Mr Watson said.

"I suppose it's a contrast though ... you look at this new facility where they've got people working in the basement to do real time blood tests and uploading it so the surgeons and everyone can look at it ... I suppose it's a leap from the pre-internet age into something from a sci-fi show but I was impressed with that," Mr Watson said.

The new additions which headline F-Block include an MRI machine and a new PET CT machine along with improved staff facilities, a dental x-ray machine, diagnostic ultrasound and interventional ultrasound facilities.

Lynne Weir, Director of Clinical Operations at NNSWLHD, said the transition marked an exciting time for the hospital.

"Staff were extremely excited to move into the new surroundings, and are adjusting to their new state-of-the art space," Mrs Weir said.

The new north tower was finished as part of the $320 million dollar re-development of the Lismore Base Hospital.