Lismore City Council says no to littering

LISMORE City Council and North East Waste will be holding a special event this Thursday in an effort to reduce littering around the Lismore Transit Centre.

The event is part of the NSW EPA's statewide 'Hey Tosser' litter reduction campaign.

The busy Lismore Transit Centre was identified as a local rubbish hotspot with cigarette butts and takeaway packaging often littering the area.

North East Waste secured $70,000 for the regional campaign under the Waste Less Recycle More initiative, funded through the NSW waste levy.

Some of the funding has been used to install a new bin enclosure, highly visible signage and a cigarette butt bin to encourage people to butt out before entering the CBD, which is smoke free.

North East Waste street performer Mr G Litter will be taking a fun look at littering behaviour at the Lismore Transit Centre this Thursday from 2.30-5.30pm, with the opportunity for people to take the 'Litter Challenge' and win a hamper and vouchers worth $150 from the nearby Lismore Produce Market.

As well as the installation of new bins and signage, the NSW Government is currently trialling education strategies and boosting surveillance and monitoring to deter litterers and enforce penalties for littering.


Litter facts:

  1. It costs Australians up to $350 million per year for litter clean up and prevention.
  2. Litter dropped in streets, parks and along roadsides pollutes our local beaches and waterways and has a devastating impact on marine and bird life.
  3. Cigarette butts and paper and plastic packaging are the most common litter items in our region.
  4. Fines for littering range from $80 to $450.