A man will defend an assault charge after an incident during which he claims he was defending a woman.
A man will defend an assault charge after an incident during which he claims he was defending a woman. Cathy Adams

Lismore father-of-two refused bail over alleged assault

A LISMORE man accused of assault has claimed he was trying to protect a woman at the time, a court has heard.

Aijal Young, 31, lodged a plea of not guilty to the charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm when he faced Lismore Local Court on Monday.

He has been in custody since Saturday, when police allege Mr Young and his alleged victim were driving in the same area near Lismore Base Hospital before a brief verbal argument, after which Mr Young approached the other man and punched him several times in the head.

They will allege police officers witnessed the assault.

But Mr Young's solicitor, Eddie Lloyd, told the court her client had offered a very different account.

Ms Lloyd told the court that would raise the legal defences of defending another and self-defence.

According to Mr Young's version, he was driving with his partner when he witnessed his alleged victim - in another car - hurling verbal abuse and threatening a woman who was standing on the road.

The court heard the other man was yelling: "get in the f***ing car of I'm going to kill you”.

Ms Lloyd told the court Mr Young and his partner then witnessed the other car "driving dangerously”, which they claimed to have footage of.

The court heard the defendant's partner was yet to go to police to present her recollection of the incident.

"It's clear that the victim in that car, the victim of (Mr Young's) victim, is trying to get out of the car,” Ms Lloyd said.

"He probably should have got out his mobile phone and called the police, but it all happened very quickly.”

The court heard it was the father-of-two's first time in custody, but he was already on a conditional release order at the time.

Police prosecutor Brett Gradisnik opposed Ms Lloyd's application for her client to be released on bail.

"I can understand people in the community like to assist other people,” Mr Gradisnik said.

"But for a person on a court order for a matter of violence ... it beggars belief why that person, if there's not more to the story, would get involved in something like this.”

Magistrate Alexander Mijovich refused bail and adjourned the case to November 4.