Lismore mayor Isaac Smith at the new Rainbow Crossing in Lismore.
Lismore mayor Isaac Smith at the new Rainbow Crossing in Lismore. Marc Stapelberg

'Symbol of hope': Lismore welcomes rainbow crossing

Rainbow crossing finished: The rainbow shaped walkway is ready for selfies

LISMORE'S controversial rainbow walkway is now complete.

What's referred to as a 'pavement treatment' the rainbow shaped and coloured walkway on the shared zone at the western end of Magellan Street is designed to be a tourist attraction and tribute to cultural diversity and the Rainbow Region.

Rainbow markings have been painted across the roadway and the footpaths to ensure that visitors who wish to view the walkway or take selfies can do so without standing on the road.

"It's going to symbolise what the rainbow means to a lot different people which is many different things so I think it's a great symbol of hope, equality, of new beginnings," Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith said.

"It even represents the name of the very first boat which founded our city that came up the Richmond River in the early 1800s so I believe it's a very apt thing to have in the middle of Lismore."

Cr Smith said the walkway was a decision that council made in 2016.

The crossing budget sits at $10,200 in the first year and $8000 every five years for maintenance.

"The small amount of money spent on this project hasn't impacted other projects and it hasn't impacted other budgets. It's a very small project that stands alone and wont impact on our roads and infrastructure.

"We've been known as the rainbow region for more than 40 years thanks to our alternative hippie culture that was here.

"I just think it's something everybody can relate to - I haven't met anybody who doesn't believe the rainbow symbolises something special and unique."