A Lismore woman, 59, has been arrested over a scam.
A Lismore woman, 59, has been arrested over a scam.

Lismore woman arrested in relation to $500,000 scam

A WOMAN who was involved in fleecing almost $500,000 from an unwitting scam victim has been arrested at Lismore.

Tamworth detectives will allege that between October 2018 and March 2019, a Tamworth victim was contacted by scammers and tricked into depositing close to half a million dollars into a bank account.

A 59-year-old Lismore woman then attended a Lismore bank and withdrawn about $50,000 from this account.

The rest of the scammed money was converted to bitcoin then transferred to the person who initiated the scam.

On Tuesday, Tamworth detectives travelled to Lismore and arrested the Lismore woman.

She has been charged with dishonestly obtaining property by deception and recklessly deal with proceeds of a crime.

Detectives will allege that the Lismore woman was working as an intermediary for an overseas scammer who initiated the scam on the Tamworth victim.

She was granted bail and will appear in Lismore Local Court later this month.

Richmond Police District Acting Sergeant David Henderson offered some advice to members of the public following the alleged incident.

"If you are contacted by someone offering you 'easy money' to accept money from an account and forward it to another, you should be very aware that it is almost certainly an illegal scam," he said.

"Money transfers within Australia are relatively easy for police to track.

"If you are involved in scamming innocent victims you can expect to be arrested and charged.

"If you are offered the chance to join an online investment opportunity where you can make exponential profits I would suggest you be very, very wary.

"At a minimum you should seek independent financial advice, as it is probably another scam."