Bernard Fanning will be playing at the A&I; Hall, Bangalow.
Bernard Fanning will be playing at the A&I; Hall, Bangalow. Contributed

Listen to Bernard Fanning’s new poignant political song

BYRON Shire resident and former Powderfinger front man Bernard Fanning has released a powerful new song about the state of world politics with a direct a message to the leaders of the Western world.

Fanning, who moved to the Northern Rivers recently, announced the surprise release called Belly of the Beast, a catchy and moving song featuring his soaring vocals, guitar, harmonica and backing vocals.

The song is not part of any upcoming releases by Fanning, and he is giving the song away for free.

"This is not an official single from the forthcoming Bernard Fanning album. It is being released due to the timely nature of the pending election," the announcement said.

"There are federal elections coming up across the western world," said Bernard Fanning in the release announcement.

"We the electorate have some very important choices to consider. Do our 'leaders' challenge rather than confirm our prejudices?

"Vote and make your voice heard," Bernard Fanning said.

Bernard Fanning will be playing at the A&I Hall on Saturday, May 19. The show is sold out.

Poignant lyrics

Here are some of most poignant five lines in Belly of the Beast:

  • "The saying goes people get the leaders they deserve, take a look at our leaders. I guess that makes us all absurd"
  • "Your only mandate is the truth"
  • "A mouthpiece of the voiceless not a vassal of the few"
  • "Splash three-word slogans neither them or us believe"
  • "There is no seat at the table for the beggars at the feast"

Lyric video

See the video here:


Download Belly of the Beast free here.