JOBS CRISIS: The Baird Government has outlined a $678 million plan to fight unemployment.
JOBS CRISIS: The Baird Government has outlined a $678 million plan to fight unemployment. NIKKI SHORT

LNP promises 150,000 new jobs if re-elected

UNEMPLOYMENT has risen from 5.1% to 6.3% since the Coalition took office, but Deputy Premier Troy Grant says the state will be home to 150,000 new jobs if the government is re-elected.

A $678 million funding package has been announced, including a record $190 million boost to schemes to lure more big private enterprises to New South Wales.

The Regional Industries and Investment Fund would get $75 million to "deliver 10,000s of new jobs to country areas", Mr Grant said.

"We will also establish a new $2000 Small Business Employment Incentive to encourage non-payroll-tax-paying businesses to hire additional employees."

The jobs scheme also extends the $5000 payroll tax rebate for four years.

If Labor wins on Saturday, it will end the rebate scheme and use the savings to fund about half its projected infrastructure spend.

Shadow Treasurer Michael Daley has blasted the Liberal-Nationals for bringing nothing new to the table.

He said the move would continue the legacy that resulted in 56,105 more people unemployed than when the LNP won in 2011.

The figures are most damning in regional NSW, with joblessness as high as 12.4% in the Hunter Valley, 11% in the Murray, 10.6% in Richmond-Tweed and 8.7% in the Central West.

"Mike Baird made no mention in his speech of breaking his promise to create 40,000 new regional jobs - he didn't even make it halfway, according to the latest ABS figures," Mr Daley said.

"In fact average unemployment in regional NSW is far worse - now 8.2% from 5.9% when the Liberals and Nationals came to office.

"Mike Baird's proposal to create 150,000 jobs isn't even enough to keep up with population growth, let alone to get the 56,105 extra people on the unemployment queue back into work."


$190 million boost to investment attraction schemes

$75 million for regional industries and investment

Extend the $5000 payroll tax rebate for another four years

Establish new $2000 small business employment incentive